More Than Magic

I love you, I love you, I love you, oh hot-man-who-shoots-moonbeams-from-his-hands. Oh, won't you take me away from all of this?

So sometimes I wonder how the models feel when they're posing for these kind of pictures. What was this guy thinking? Probably something along the lines of, "I can't feel my hands!"

I do, however, like the sexy genie/gay pirate vibe I'm getting from the earring. It's too bad the model looks like such a twit.


Mr. Name said...

That cover really makes me think of GOB Bluth from Arrested Development.

Also, I would describe the model as looking like a twunt. Feel free to come up with your own theories on the etymology of that word.

Michael Croft said...
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Michael Croft said...

So, In high school I had a friend whose father painted fantasy book covers for a living. Every now and then he'd get a commission to do a romance novel. Hey, the money was good and he was a commercial artist.

What was fun what what he did with the original oils afterwards. What had been a perfectly formulaic Napoleonic Egypt period romance became more interesting when the sphinx has laser eyes and an army of mummies is marching on Captain Hunk-Claude LeShirtless of the Legion.

So I modeled for Charles' dad a few times (I have the honor of being the model for a heavily-armed talking leopard pirate on an Alan Dean Foster Cover). Mostly what I was thinking was "did I blink when the flash went off?" Nowadays I imagine it's more like "how many digital pictures is he gonna take?"

A Library Girl said...

I love that book (and Kathleen Nance's books in general) and have read it several times, but man is that a creepy cover.