Not a cover, just a plea

Okay, I know you all are sick of me saying I'm coming back to blogging and then blogging for a month or so and then abandoning the blog yet again, but here's the deal.  Since I lost my library job I've had a lot less chance to interact with books with horrid covers, and a lot less time to blog in.  Right now I'm working two jobs, one as a call center drone and one as a freelance proofreader.  Now, freelance proofreading provides me more opportunity to interact with books (I tend to like to do it in public at places like bookstores and coffee houses) and more time to blog (I proof a few pages and then HAVE to stare at something else for a few minutes or my eyes go gaga), but it's a side job while I spend 40 hours a week tethered to a phone in a sweatshop with no opportunity for wit or hilarity.  I'd like that to change, but I need your help.  I know a lot of you are associated with publishing.  If your publishing house (or you) uses freelance proofreaders, why not give me a try?  I'm super pedantic about things which makes me an idea proofer.  And I'm cheap (just ask my husband...).  And my dogs are cute.  That has nothing to do with anything, but I just thought I'd throw it in there.  More money for mommy means more treats for them, and how can you refuse these eyes??

So anyway, if you or anyone you know is looking for a proofreader, hook a maughta up.  You can reach me at hoopml at yahoo dot com, which is my secret identity.

And for the rest of you, keep me in your readers and feeds, because the beast will rise again (I just finished proofing the book of Revelation (spoiler: Babylon did it) so I know what I'm talking about here).  In the meantime, I recommend the following blogs for some bookish humor.

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Kat said...

Good luck Maughta! If I worked with books, instead of construction workers, I'd love to help...

Evil Timmy said...

"I'm super pedantic about things which makes me an idea proofer."

Err...ideal? (it's not irony, it's a hilarious coincidence)

Maughta said...

@Evil Timmy: Just more proof that a writer should never proof her own work.

Justin O'Leary said...

I'm pedantic about proofreading too, so when I saw "idea proofer" I paused. Did she mean she proves ideas? Ha.

Hey, we all make mistakes and the context checker that blogger and many other others use (After the Deadline) isn't perfect. Why not turn the blog into an exercise in proofing by asking readers to find the errors in that blog. See if they get them all. :) PS I recently blogged "You can judge a book by its cover, but …"

katieM said...

To give you a hit for bad covers, here's a site http://www.somethingawful.com/d/comedy-goldmine/fantasy-book-covers.php?page=1

louisvillechiropractic said...

Nice job! I've been a proofreader be careful sometimes you'll get really engrossed instead of proofing.

Anonymous said...

oh its soo cute

Anonymous said...

You put a smile on my face! I thought you were using a literary license when you wrote..."I'm super pedantic about things which make me an idea proofer."

kevin21 said...
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CDG said...
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Lena said...

Proofing is such a pleasurable job I say and your doggies are super cute :D

williaum drew said...
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Alex Dumpfree said...

Don't get upset Maughta.There's always ups and downs in life.But we have to admit that and work hard than before.just be confident on yourself and wish you'll do great in future.

Engeline said...

I know, you closed down years ago. I just wanted to let you know (if you ever come back to read comments) that I stumbled onto your blog by accident one particularly slow day at my job at a library, and I've since then spread the word to as many as possible, library students, librarians, literary critics and just people with great sense of humour. Your blog still makes my day, any day, when I need to laugh. Thank you for making it.

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