Skirts! It must be Phallic Phriday?

Check it out!  A prudish nippleblind and a sexually suggestive sword situation.  It MUST be Phallic Phriday!

Anyone else waiting for that sword to slice through the belt and the kilt to sliiiiiiiide down...I've said too much...

(Thanks, Rich A, you appear to be gifted at phinding phalluses.)


GreenishBlue said...

I'm more worried that he might eviscerate himself through through those rock-hard abs.

IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP: Do not store sword directly against the skin of your torso. Drawing out your sword dramatically may lead to injury or death.

Snow said...

There's a whole lot of waxing going on in Scotland.

Chaptergeek said...

I can't believe I have never stumbled upon this blog before! This is great! Keep it up!

Anthrophile said...

"I'm more worried that he might eviscerate himself through through those rock-hard abs."

AND THIS WOULD BE TRAGIC. Those are some very nice abs.

Rosângela Grub Costa said...

LOL. I`m from Brazil and I just discovered the blog and love it! Cheers!

Good Show Sir said...

As a resident of Scotland I can tell you that what you can't see in his other hand is a battered haggis and a can of Irn-Bru!

Vanessa M said...

Ok, it's totally on purpose that there's a blog ad for "Hearty Italian Meats" directly below phallic highlander boy, right?

Amy Crias said...

I like this Phallic Phriday thing.

The concept is pretty much good and it absolutely catches my attention.

A.C. Nixon said...

Amen sisters on the abs. And I for one would love to see that sword slice through the belt!

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