2011 Seems like a good year to go to hell

I'm baaaaaaaaaaack! I've managed to crawl out of the pit of despair, only mostly dead, to once again bring you terrible, awful, horrendous, and highly hilarious book covers. And who better to start off the year with than Peek-a-Boo Jesus! I'm just dying to know what Aryan Jesus is hiding, don't you?

To my faithful hordes: Thank you for sustaining me in my hour of need. Jesus and I will be waiting, perhaps around the next corner, to jump out and shout, "Peek-a-boo!"

To my new readers: Welcome! This was once a very successful blog, and by golly, with your help, it will be so again!
To Biker Puppy: Thanks so much for sustaining the vibe. You rock!

In other news, I don't work in a library any more, so I need all the covers you can send me! Judgeabook@yahoo.com is open and taking suggestions. Mammary Monday and Phallic Phridays can't commence without your help. Thanks to Jane Dough for peek-a-boo Jesus!

And, as a shameless bit of friend promotion, my good friend Darin Bradley wrote a book. It's totally awesome and apocalyptic and you should go out and buy ten copies right now. The cover is rather cool, so I'll just let you cleanse your palate as you await the next installment of Judge. A. Book. By. Its. Cover. Be afraid.


Amy said...

Shit howdy. Good to see you back. I've got your buddy Darin's books on my "to read" list and have read a few good reviews.

Brian W. Ogilvie said...

Welcome back! And Happy New Year!

Michael Croft said...

Welcome back! Hooray for RSS to let me know...

Cat_slave said...

How nice! welcome back :-)

shushie said...

Welcome back!

I'm confused by the first book and then also by what I'm assuming is a t-shirt? I've never heard of "peek-a-boo Jesus" and here there are at least two items dedicated to it. I'm frightened!

Bybee said...

Peekaboo! I see-est Thou!

Rich said...

Glad to see you...er...read you again!

jane dough said...

Oh hooray! You are back! AND you used Peek-a-Boo Jesus. I am thrilled. I will make all my friends know and love your blog.

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